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Bybrook Alpacas

Quality Alpacas bred from award winning genetics


We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Once you have knitted with alpaca fibre you won't want to knit with anything else. My fibre is fantastic and knits up a treat!

Have some beautiful hand knitted alpaca wool all knitted on the farm with love. Hats that are unique to Bybrook and scarves that just wrap around you.

All natural, nothing coloured or played with. It's like wearing insulation, it cuts , down on your electricity bill, it's so lovely and soft, non allergenic as it doesn't have any lanolin.

Try it, - you will never want to wear anything else.

Here are some of my fantastic one off hand knitted products for you to enjoy, click here to see my online shop where you can find various products to purchase.

This hat is knitted from our own alpaca wool, then felted to give it a new texture.